CAD/CAM Software for garment and general textile industries


IT systems become today an integral and inseparable part of all technology processes. Textile manufacturers, among them the ones producing garment and upholstery products, face strongly problems concerned with worldwide market globalization. Process effects with continuously increasing, harder and harder market competition. It concerns to all companies, those working internationally but locally as well. To pass through there is a need to find and to implement up-to-date and price-wise IT solutions. Proper IT solutions can extort and solve below mentioned necessities:

  • reduction of new products designing and research costs
  • drastic shorten of time spent for new designs creation and their production acceptance
  • maximum reduction of textile material costs by maximizing layout efficiencies and minimizing fabric waste

Above problems force also the necessary implementation of uniform quality standards during the all design and production acceptance process. The need for efficient communication between split points of the production process is also enhanced.

We encourage You to take a closer knowledge of software modules what InvenTex consists of.