PDS Pattern Design System

Extremely advanced and modern functionality, enabling the most ergonomic, intuitive and comfortable operation with the patterns on the computer screen. InvenTex PDS perfectly realizes all needs concerned to patterns designing and preparing for further production processing. InvenTex PDS used at apparel/garment, upholstery, automotive and technical textile industry fields. InvenTex PDS – designing/creation of New patterns and shaping/modification of just existing, extremely quickly and precisely, all processing in computer, without use of ineffective and prone to errors manual working methods. Software top up-to-date technology and advanced, all necessary for designer working tools, makes everyday work easy and pleasant, free of any functional limits for even very demanding operator making very complicated projects. Well experienced designer can make patterns using directly a construction grid.




Product Functions

  • Patterns entering to computer by means of direct computer controlled designing, by easy and precise traditional digitalization or up-to-date photo-digitalization processes, or by import function from any other CAD system
  • Darts, folds, overlaps, pleats, notches, corner styles, sewing allowance, symmetries, cuts and joins with “magnetic” attraction – all above treat as parameterized objects, capable to change in any moment
  • Single or group copying, duplication, measuring, properties and parameters definition, etc.
  • All contour lines characterized as Bezier curves with many control capabilities engineered exactly for specific industry needs, with quantity of points lying on the line reduced to minimum
  • Possible assigning of fixed angles for required corners (of tangential shaping Bezier “arms”)
  • Accessible shifted work with the pattern (contour with sew allowances added) or with the form (without sew allowances added). Any change of one line results with adequate change of the assigned second one
  • Complete set of different corner styles for appropriate definition of sew allowance on the corners
  • Accessible preview of the final pattern contour during its modeling by any program function, then operation confirm
  • Dynamic measuring assigned to all pattern lines, with a special recording function of the measured values to auxiliary, interactive measures table for control and comparative purposes (ex. measures on different sizes)
  • Advanced function of interactive fitting pattern to pattern (walk function) simulates stitching of corresponding pattern parts, with possible fabric gathering ratio definition in sections, with precise measuring
  • Darts – creation, inserting with widening, sliding by percent, control closing and opening, pattern shaping by simulation of dart sewing, full parameterization as separate object
  • Control preview and possible preservation of original pattern shape during pattern shaping process
  • Precise zoom methods in working area, easy points, lines and patterns selection and positioning
  • Possible creation of unlimited, user individualized arrangements of patterns placing on screen workplace, with their possible recording and recalling from memory at any time
  • Possible of simultaneous work with many different models opened in the same time
  • Possible attaching to every product/model unlimited quantity of additional information files at any format
  • Active prompts describing the subsequent steps to go for all more advanced functions, make work easier and faster