InvenTex ICP – InvenTex Cut Plan – Automatic, Intelligent Planning of Optimum Cutting Room Orders

The intelligent module of optimization the process most commonly still made manually, extremely time-consuming and never bringing expected optimum results. The following questions are to be answered: How many layouts to be processed? How many layers in each layout? What material to spread and what colours to put for the concrete layers? And many others… InvenTex Cut Plan (ICP) module, taking as the entering data the collected orders for concrete products, at concrete sizes, at concrete quantities and at concrete colours, etc., after fast processing brings us back the exact number of layouts to make, layers quantities and exact colours to use in each layout. InvenTex Cut Plan saves Your time and materials, discharging people from the extremely time-consuming and analytically difficult tasks. User input the necessary operational data and parameters: required material consumption efficiency, max. markers length, etc. InvenTex Cut Plan brings the result usually within minutes. InvenTex Cut Plan results are not to conquest.










Product Functions

Enter the main parameters: max. marker length, the labour cost to prepare marker layouts manually, the labour cost of manual cutting, etc.

  • Enter the production order, a list of models, ordered quantities, the sizes and colours
  • You will get the best thought-out list of markers, the number of layers, sizes and colours in each
  • You will get the result in no more than 15-30min., saving at the same time no less than 2-3% of the fabric
  • Save time, remove people from the time-consuming and inefficient manual made operations
  • Reduce material waste to a minimum, save a lot of money and invest it wisely
  • The result of InvenTex Cut Plan is unbeatable with traditional manual methods



InvenTex Cut Plan takes into account the actual cost values, hence the results are close to reality. Having your work Cut Plan – a ready list of the most thought cut markers, each of the following pre-markers can be subsequently calculated with more thorough, advanced analysis with the implemented Intelligent Master Marker software module. Giving to the analysis of these markers sufficiently long time, You always get the best results to reduce the fabric waste.