InvenTex IMM – Intelligent Master Marker

Intelligent Marker Master automatically creates a masterfully optimized marker in no more than three minutes. The obtained for each marker material savings reaches min. 2-5%. Huge, incomparable to manual method working speed of IMM nesting process, results with the incredibly short return of investment, bringing the best savings ratio in a long time period afterwards. Intelligent Master Marker handle patterns restrictions concerned to their permissible rotations, buffers, fusing groups, variations of different accessible material (markers) widths, checks and stripes. Joining of pattern blocks nested first manually with the subsequent automatic nesting with IMM, or the opposite (first automatic with IMM, then manual). The carried out comparative tests have confirmed by 100% the highest efficiency of InvenTex Intelligent Master Marker module among all other similar software solutions. Total savings finally depend on the production output scale.



Product Functions

  • Defining methods for fabric spreading
  • Many variants of rotation restrictions for bounded elements
  • Parameterized few degrees mainline elements deviation from the fabric grain line on the marker
  • Defining the faults in the material
  • Defining of possible cuts on elements
  • Defining the fixed element position
  • Service of checks and stripes
  • Defining of nesting end by the expected min. efficiency or by the number of repetitions and the duration of each test
  • Unlimited number of placed elements