InvenTex PDM – Product Data Management


The system manages complete technical product documentation. Starting from overall characteristic, through detail description of product components and technical sketches, study on technologies applied at subsequent sections (cutting, sewing, finishing), fabrics and additives specification, sizing range table with the comprehensive list of model and pieces dimensions and tolerances also used for effective production quality surveys – all these bring necessary control over the product specification, then production and administration.  Production is described by a list of subsequent operations including unitary operation’s time.

All information in the system is centralized and integrated at the SQL database which serves for all InvenTex system modules. One model is often produced in more versions differing by fabric, additives or the brand name. InvenTex PDM makes possible to create more than one production variant for each model and manage over them efficiently.

InvenTex PDM is more than just a software – it’s a concept: integration & management of all information related to products. All who question will receive fast, actual & the same answer, saving Your time and fatigue.

Product Functions
Model Manager

Models are placed in directories corresponding to user preferences: names, seasons, year, type of garments, etc. PDS-Manager makes models & patterns easy to be stored in memory always in the right order, capable to be found and recalled within seconds. For each model, You can define different production versions. You can also define compl. wears consisting of different models (example: trousers+waistcoat+jacket). Intuitive assignment of parameters to model & pattern using predefined typical products parameter sets. The change made in the pattern is automatically registered by time & by operator’s name.


Model Production Versions & Model Variants

Possibility to define and create different production versions for each model and different variants of each model – these are the strong advantage of InvenTex PDM System. Model differing by fabric type and/or colour, additives used or the brand name can be saved as another model variant, then easily accessible from appropriate folder. This is quite helpful to manage small-volume production orders, especially when necessary to process the product in a short time.  InvenTex PDM helps to eliminate human errors during processing.


Technological Descriptions & Printouts

General & detailed technological descriptions are the way to check and control production quality. We can attach technical drawings, pictures, images and photos making easier to present and describe, then to understand some more difficult product details or production phases. This eliminate controversial questions and useless mistakes and corrections, saving time & money. Available printouts made in many possible predefined text & graphical forms, serves with all required information and gives possibility to process with variety of analyses, including fast price calculation & adjust, all with a comfort.


Table of Dimensions

List of dimensions is the way to check the quality of cut pieces and also the final product. It also brings information about the measurement tolerances. Picture, drawing or photo can give exact information/instruction  how to provide the measurements. There is possible to use complex sizing table with variations, characterized by two parameters coming always together like size and height for example. It is possible to print out the table of dimensions by means of a dynamically created report.


Card of Production Operations (Prod. Sequence)

Card with a list of technological operation in chronological order is a base for the proper organization of the production process. Card list can record collected or hand-inputted unitary operation’s times, allowing to choose for a calculation min., medium, max. or any hand-typed time. The card is a base for all remaining InvenTex modules involved in production control. Operations can be grouped by depts or by sections. While the creation of a new procedure (operation sequence) it is possible to read & load information from the operation’s database. It shortens time used to prepare a specification of a new production line for a new model (product). Analysis feature gives the possibility to optimize operation sequence. There is possible to attach sketches for workgroups or separate operations.


Card of Fabrics and Additives

This card is to define the materials necessary to produce a model. The card consists of three material groups: fabrics, additives/accessories and threads. All these groups closely share information with InvenTex system remaining modules. We can create the individual material list for each production version or variant. It makes easier to listing & purchase/book materials necessary to process the order. Accessible reports and printouts make easier costing analysis.