Ultra high speed inkjet marker plotter FASTJET PRO



The Fastjet Pro has been designed for very high productivity combined with high reliability and excellent plot quality for the production of markers on a range of textile papers used in the Apparel, Marine, Automotive & Furniture Industries. Manufactured by Plotter Technology recognised worldwide. • Modern design with acoustic dust cover lid which encloses your choice of 1, 2 or 3 HP inkjet cartridges, providing speeds of up to 130 square meters per hour. • Paper can be taken up on take-up bar or allowed to drop to the floor. • Automatic fast paper cut-off – After plotting the paper is cut off from the paper roll at a touch of a button, ensuring the fastest removal and then the paper is automatically advanced ready for the next batch of markers to be plotted. This feature is standard on both 2 & 3 HP models and makes a huge saving on time & effort.


Technical Specifications

Models FastJet PRO 2000 FastJet PRO 2200
Type cm, 183 220
Paper Width Max cm 191 220
Paper Width Min cm, 90 90
Speed 1 Head m²/h 55 55
Speed 2 Heads m²/h 100 100
Speed 3 Heads m²/h 130 130
Roll Feed & Take-up yes yes
Plot Width Max cm, 60×230 60×260
Head Resolution 600 dpi
Accuracy 0,1%
Head Type HP5164A (45)
Paper Type 50-100g/m²
Paper Core Size 21 cm
Input Voltage 100-260VAC, 50-60 Hz
Language HPGL, DMPL, Gerber
Power 100 W
Interface USB ir Serial (RS232)
Operating Temp. 0-40º C