BK cutting machine

BK cutting system supplies the best solution to make sampling and short production run in different  industrie, which is equipped with different of knives and pencils, and satisfies different kinds of materials cutting. It can realize high speed, high intelligent, high precise cutting, punching, plotting, etc. It can connect with other software well with our powerful data converting software, and complete the transition from traditional manual sampling to advanced high speed and precision production mode, and meets the different cutting needs of customers.







Model BK1311 BK1713 BK2011 BK2516
 Cutting area (mm) 1300*1100 1700*1300 2000*1100 2500*1600
 Length available  800-3200mm
 Width available  800-3200mm
 Speed  1000mm/s
 Precision  0.1mm
 Thickness  50mm
 Data format  DXF, HPGL
 Interface  Serial port
 Media  Vaccuum system
 Power  220V/50HZ, 380V/50HZ
 Pump Power  7.5KW/9KW/11KW
 Operating environment  Temperature: 0-40 degree Humidity: 20%-80%RH
 Tool type  Pen, Oscillating knife, Punching tool, Tangent knife, Rotary knife,V-  cut knife, Notch knife, Creasing wheel, Drilling tool
 Application  Graphic,Packing,Leather,Composite,Textile etc.


Tool heads and Knives

Tool heads: It can combine three tool heads at optional with full set of modular design cutting head, realize one completion on various cutting technical requirements for single material.

Knives: Various tool heads can be equipped with multiple series of knives, such as oscillating knife, creasing wheel, drilling tool, rotary knife, tangent knife, punching knife and appropriate knives, and the knives can be configured with different diameters and angles according to the material cutting needs.




Electronic Oscillating Knife for cutting soft and medium density materials available with 1 mm stroke.

The V-CUT tool is the perfect for producing complex structural designs from foam core or sandwich board materials. The tool can be set for cutting 5 different angles for different cutting requests. The 5 different angles are 0,15,22.5,45 degree respectively.

The router with high rotation speed up to 50000 rpm, it delivers solid performance in a wide range of applications on the hard materials and soft form materials. It can do precise engraving like the kiss-Cut Tool. The special dust-extraction can reduce the waste effectively during the work.




Driven Rotary Tool for textiles cutting.

Kiss Cut Tool, for cutting vinyl, foil, films, thin paper, cardboard and other thin materials.

The tool is used to do the creasing on the corrugated materials, different creasing tools for different materials can make prefect creasing.


The Pneumatic oscillating tool is an air-driven tool with high frequency on the blade to cut the materials. The stroke up to 8 mm is suitable for cutting hard, dense materials, it can cut materials up to 50mm thick with special blade. Universal Cutting Tool, used for through-cutting materials with thickness up to 5 mm, fast speed and low cost.

Functions and Structures

Suction device: With intelligent area air suction device, it can improve the production efficiency and save energy consumption to the maximum.
Motor depth control: With servo motor tool depth control, it reduces the abrasion of cutting tool and enhances the cutting quality at the same time, realizes the international advanced two-stage knife raising and falling control mode, reduces the cutting time greatly, and improves production efficiency.
Imported spare parts: With imported spare parts, for example, the global leading Swiss Maxon motor, it ensures the machine run stably for long time of more than 300 hours continuously, working life is over 20 years.
Security system: The emergency stop button is installed at the corner of BK cutting machine, which ensures the safety of the operators.
Control panel: With 7-inch touch screen, it can do adjustment freely on the material, such as control on cutting depth, cutting speed, and area air suction system, finish the preparation work before cutting, cutting control and adjustment effectively and quickly.

High speed and Precision

High speed: With advanced platform modular structure design and self-developed control system, BK cutting system can run very fast at 1.8m/s, shortens the product development cycle effectively, and enhances the production efficiency greatly.

Precision: It can cut complicated allotypic designs with leading high accuracy among similar equipment at 0.1mm.

Software and Control Program

Software: It has powerful functions, such as pattern design, data conversion, auto-marking and output pattern editing. Power marker system can maximize the material utilization.

Control program: It has purely sel-developed control program software copyright, which guarantees the device running stably for long time and updating.

Extended and Customized

BK cutting system can be equipped with CCD high automatic registration system according to customer’s requirement, and ensures the perfect matching of cutting and printing with CorelDraw and AI system.

To improve production efficiency, you can select automatic conveyor system, to save time and improve output furthest.
You can install rotary knife, tangent knife, oscillating knife, creasing wheel, drilling tool, V-cut knife, notching knife and punching knife according to customer’s requirements and realize perfect cutting.
Equipped with HD projection system according to the materials, the system can avoid cutting of flaws on the leather fabric, and can do fast marking and cutting on irregular leather.


Sign & Advertising Industry

BK cutting system supplies the total solution to sign & advertising industry, especially suited to registration cutting of white cardboard, sticker, acrylic, PVC, corrugated board and honeycomb board, the system has improved the process flow of sign & advertising companies, accelerated production efficiency and enhanced product quality.

Packaging Industry

Common carton sample cutting machine only meets the former sample making process, while BK carton cutting system meets small production requirement, which can cut all kinds of packaging materials, such as corrugated board, white cardboard, grey cardboard and PVC, maximizes the possibility of rapid completion of orders for the printing and packaging factories.

Automobile upholstery

BK cutting system has been applied to cutting automobile upholstery successfully, such as automobile mat, car seat cover, sun block and car curtains.


BK cutting system replaces the traditional composites manufacturing mode, such as drawing lines and cutting yarn, especially for the complicated allotypic patterns, it can advances at least 20 times efficiency, guarantee controllability of carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, UHMW polyethylene etc, and reduce the labor cost greatly.

Sports goods

BK cutting system resolves the non-metal sports goods material cutting and application effectively, such as interlayer material of snowboard PE, carbon fiber, glass fiber, provides the reliable process solution to the high snowboard.

Bag & Leather

BK cutting system is the ideal cutting tool for bag industry, it can cut PP, PE, EVA directly without paper sample. The system can be equipped with HD projection system, which can replace the traditional manual production and die cutting, and supplies the best solution to genuine leather car seats, shoes, suitcases, handbags industries.


BK cutting system can cut graphite, asbestos, oil resistant fiber paper, and four fluorine materials of high-precision gaskets without die cutting.

Garment & textile

Fast solutions to garment production are applied to brand garments, apparel, university and college teaching, provides integrated solutions to style design, fabric design, pattern design, automatic marking and BK automatic cutting, it takes only 6 hours to finish the whole garment production process, the process is managed and checked by our ERP system in the real-time.