Unicut CC80 multilayer cutter


  • Cutter CC80allows for cutting layers high up to 8cm after vacuum compression
  • The Unicut CC80 cutter cuts all kinds of materials, including synthetic, leatherette, wadding, filling and technical materials
  • Knife oscillation speed of 6000 cycles per minute guarantees the high quality of the cut line
  • Specially designed software for nick cutting with no jams and cutting on common cut lines without safety buffers
  • Multifunction cutting head with tool replacement capability
  • Possibility of installing a knife cooling system, an additional drill and a camera for work involving patterned materials
  • Automatic knife sharpening
  • Special software for smooth control of the foot pressure from the operator panel
  • Possibility of installing a barcode printer for the identification of the cut elements/li>
  • Readily available wearing parts
  • Steel housing
  • Transport as a whole unit, short installation time
  • Robust safety system
  • High quality controls by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric
  • Six additional control panels located on different sides of the cutter, streamlining access to functions such as: temporary stopping, head positioning, movement of the transmission belt, start point setting, material cut-off
  • Internal location of the vacuum system guarantees silent operation of the cutter
  • A special system enables the machine to move between parallel cutting tables



Working area width /mm 1750 2000 2200
Total width /mm 1970 2220 2440
Working area length Per customer’s requirements (maximum: 6000 mm)
Maximum stock height 80 mm after vacuum compression
Head tools 1-4
Working area height /mm 850-950
Weight of the device /kg >2350 >2650 >2950
Max. compressed air consumption 100 l/min – 7 bar
Max. noise emission <65 dB
Rated power consumption 18 kW