Low-Temperature Fusing Machine OP-100LE/120LE




  • For the woven/knitted fabrics fusing
  • Fusing for the whole roll of fabric and interline. The machine can work together with feeding conveyor and collecting stacker as an option







  • The feeding area is the long-conveyor type, which makes the operators work more efficient.
  • Three separate heating chambers of 9 heaters set which control whole heaters’ heating method to meet the demand of various kinds of fusible fabric, and the heating system is controlled by the microcomputer thermostat to ensure the temperature precisely.
  • OP-100LE is equipped with auto diagnosis system to monitor the heating system, pressure, the electrical and belt regulator, monitor whether working properly. And auto-diagnosis system will indicate which part is broken to ensure the maintenance easier, and more efficient working.
  • The special pressure system ensures the fabric and fusible interlining to be bonded perfectly.
  • The multi cleaning system on the belt promises the belt working in the best condition, and not giving any damage to the fabric.
  • The supercooling system can guarantee the best strength of the bonding and also the permanent of shape.
  • Pressure rollers are made with silicone, which ensures the power of pressure giving is stable and equal.
  • The strip off device is to strip the fabric from the belt but not bring any wrinkle on the fabric.
  • 〞LL〞 the conveyor feeding area is specially designed as extra longer type which may allow more workers to proceed with different kinds of fusing jobs in the productions in the same time.



Model OP-100LE OP-120LE
Rated Heater 21.6KW 23.4KW
Output Motor 0.2kw 0.2kw
Power Supply 3phase
MAX. Temperature 200℃
MAX. Pressure 0.5Mpa
Fusing Time 7-34sec
Fusing Width 1000mm 1200mm
Dimensions 3640*1740*1500mm 3640*1940*1500mm
Packing Volume 2800*1580*1700mm 2800*1780*1700mm
N.W/G.W 750/880KG 880/950KG