Oshima OP-45



  • The compact type that can be moved easily to any places.
  • Side-open style: Fit for the bigger fabrics and various sizes.
  • Rotary Strip-off device for strengthening the stripping off function and avoid transforming of the finished fabrics.
  • Equipped with the superlinear guide belt to prevent the belt from warping, and extend the duration of the belt.
  • Equipped with the special-designed pressure mechanism to ensure the maximum pressure strength up to 1kg/㎝².
  • Electronic thermostat and the special-made heating equipment minimize the temperature differences.
  • Use the excellent heatproof teflon belt. This patented teflon Belt is easy of maintenance and clean.
  • Powerful ventilate fan to lower the temperature of electronic components from damage.
  • OP-450GSL and OP-520GSL: L series is the longer bottom belt for more efficient work.






Model OP-450GS OP-450GSL OP-520GS OP-520GSL
Power Output 1Ph, 220V 1Ph, 220V 1Ph, 220V 1Ph, 220V
Heater 3,6 KW 3,6 KW 4,2KW 4,2KW
Мотоr 40W 40W 40W 40W
Max. Temperature 0ºC~230ºC 0ºC~230ºC 0ºC~230ºC 0ºC~230ºC
Max. Pressure 1kgf/cm² 1kgf/cm² 1kgf/cm² 1kgf/cm²
Heating Time 5~34 sek 5~34 sek 5~34 sek 5~34 sek
Fusing Width 450 mm 450 mm 520 mm 520mm
Dimensions (mm) 1700x910x360 2000x910x360 1700x980x360 2000x980x360
Net Weight 135 kg 145kg 160kg 170kg
Upper 460×1530 460×1530 520×1530 520×1530
Lower 460×1840 460×2440 520×1840 520×2440