CAD Production Preparation Computer System


InvenTex CAD – up-to-date computer system for designing and preparing products at the garment, upholstery and every other textile branches production. InvenTex CAD handles a complex design of 2D patterns: digitalization of just existing (often paper/cardboard made) patterns, complete design and modelling of pattern shapes, advanced patterns grading in case of garment (then with capability to operate with unlimited set of sizes), generation of the markers consisting of the choosen patterns, with ability of intelligent, automatic nesting in purpose to make top efficient patterns placement on the defined surface, in purpose to minimizing fabric/material consumption. InvenTex generates marker files for printing on plotters and generates marker files for automatic cutting on numerical controlled cnc cutters. Top modern, user-friendly operator interface, up-to-date management over the all products, plenty of operational functions – all it gives a pleasant and efficient working environment.

Benefits for the user

  • Easy and well ordered management over the models and the patterns. Customized data categorization, filtering, etc.
  • Precise and mistake-free models and patterns by digital processing under control of computer system
  • Digital grading gives at garment production possibility to operate with almost unlimited range of sizes. To grade a model within 10 or 100 sizes makes not a big time difference. Having a big range of sizes, we can process “made to measure” alike, higher profitable production. This is never possible with manual working methods
  • Minimization of fabrics consumption. Intelligent Master Marker makes top efficient markers within minutes
  • Higher, stable products quality thanks to supply always right shape cut elements from cutting to sewing room
  • Shortest training and start-up time. Unmatched high savings on fabrics and time during subsequent every day operation
  • System and interface wide customization capable, according to individual user necessities or preferences
  • Highest security and integrality of all data concerned to models, patterns and markers by using SQL database technology
  • Multi-operator environment – unlimited operators connected to one SQL database, are always served with actual data
  • Data interchange with all other professional CAD systems, cooperation with all known digitizers, plotters, cutters
  • Return of investment at the shortest time – continuous, extra profits obtained and collected during long-term use


PDS Pattern Design System

Extremely advanced and modern functionality, enabling the most ergonomic, intuitive and comfortable operation with the patterns on the computer screen. InvenTex PDS perfectly realizes all needs concerned to patterns designing and preparing for further production processing. InvenTex PDS used at apparel/garment, upholstery, automotive and …

PGS – Interactive, Advanced Pattern Grading

InvenTex PGS – Advanced module for computer aided, high effective patterns grading, used in garment production. InvenTex CAD owns a perfect grading module (PGS), ensuring incomparable time savings and the best grading operating functions. Grading table doesn’t end at the one or two measurement values defining a size. If required, we can define three, four or even more measurements/values defining every size (circumference, height and figure style, etc.)…

DIG – Patterns Digitalization

Digitizing process by use of InvenTex DIG module transforms the traditional cardboard or paper patterns into a digital form recorded In komputer memory. Every pattern consisting of outer contour with corner, grading and other points, inside lines, marks and notes, has to be precisely transferred from paper/cardboard form into digital computer form…

MGS Marker Generation System

InvenTex MGS marker generation software module, this is a very strong tool of InvenTex CAD system. Using of the module gives at once significant, at least 5% material savings. Intuitively grouped functions for easy operation. Intelligent Master Marker module intelligently and automatically creates the markers with the highest efficiency …